Attendance Policy

What happens when my child is sick and cannot come to school?
A parent/guardian must call the school office at 415-241-6276 or email our student advisor, Coach Glenn, at on the day of the absence. Please leave a message if no one is available to pick up the phone.

A student who is absent due to illness and has not informed the school of this absence will be considered as an “unexcused absence.”

What is considered an excused absence?
See the full attendance policy for a complete list of excused absences.
What happens when my child is late to school?
A student who arrives after 9:30 am is considered tardy.

  • Please have your child check into the office to inform the student advisor (Room 105) that your child is tardy before checking into your child’s classroom.
  • If you are tardy to school due to a doctor’s appointment, please bring in your appointment verification form/letter explaining why you are tardy to school.
What happens if my child has many unexcused absences?
If a student has unexcused absences, the school will send letters home, call the student’s home, and request meeting with the parent/guardian to develop an action plan and identify any support services the family needs to help the student get to school.
If I know my child will be absent for an extended period of time, what should I do?
It is extremely important that your child does not miss any learning time. Planning family vacations or trips during the school year is not advised. Your child loses valuable learning time. View the full attendance policy for information regarding short-term independent study.