Food & Nutrition

Are there any foods that aren’t allowed at school?
Nuts or seeds with shells, chips, cookies, sweets and candy are not allowed. (Exceptions are made by individual teachers for birthday celebrations and special occasions.)
What’s for breakfast?
Monthly menu. Breakfast is served in the before-school program from 9:10-9:25am and is $1.50/$.75 for reduced/free for those who qualify.
What’s for lunch?
SFUSD provides lunch, the menu can be found here. Lunch is $3 (full price), $1.50 (reduced) or free for those who qualify.
What if my child has food allergies or other special food needs?
Vegetarian meals can be provided for those students that are non meat eaters, but must be requested on the lunch form that goes home at the beginning of the year. If a student has food allergies, please note this on the emergency card and let the teachers and staff know.
How can I get free/reduced breakfast and lunch for my child?
You need to fill out the form that is handed out the first week of school, documenting your income & other information. (This form must be filled out each year, even if you qualified last year) The free/reduced meal form is now available on the SFUSD web site. Fill it out online and qualify for a prize drawing.
Do I have to fill out the free/reduced lunch form if I know that I don’t qualify?
Yes! All families need to turn in the form, even if it’s just the word “decline”. It’s important to turn in the form even if you don’t qualify because it helps the school receive government money.
How do I pay for my child’s full-price or reduced lunches?
You may pay online at or you may pay by check (make check payable to Student Nutrition Services) and turn it into the office or to the cafeteria.
Are snacks provided?
Yes, usually during morning recess. There’s a drive at the beginning of the year for each family to contribute $40, which covers weekly fresh fruit deliveries for the whole year; families also share responsibility within a classroom for bringing crackers/pretzels/etc. The after-school program also provides a snack at around 3:45.
If my child brings her lunch, can she get help opening the containers, etc.?
Only minimal help is available – please send your child with lunch containers they can handle on their own.
How much time is allowed for lunch?
15 minutes is provided in the cafeteria to eat and longer for those that need extra time and then there is 25 minutes for lunch recess.