New School Year

How do I know which classroom/teacher my child is assigned to?
Come to the Back to School Picnic, found on the school calendar. You will meet a lot of the school community that day, including your child’s teacher.
What supplies do I need to get?
All students should have a backpack large enough to fit the 9×12 Monday folder. Kindergarteners will probably not need school supplies of their own as the classrooms are well stocked with the basics. However, they’re welcome to bring their own pencils, etc. 1st-grade and up will get a list of supplies from their classroom teacher. Please remember to LABEL your child’s backpack, jacket, etc. with their name.
Is there anything I can do BEFORE the first day of school?
Whatever you do, try to come to the opening picnic in the schoolyard (it’s usually the Sunday before the first day of school. It will be listed on the calendar). Bring a dish to share and meet your child’s classmates and teacher. Then! Attend the first PFC meeting (Parent Faculty Club) of the year (Date/Time TBA) in the school cafeteria and sign up to help with fundraisers to raise money for programs and supplies for the school. Events and meetings are always listed on our calendar (or subscribe to it if you use Google Calendar).