Schedule & Logistics

When do I drop off my child?
Children enrolled in the before school program can be dropped off as early as 8:00 am. Children not enrolled in the before school program should arrive between 9:10 and 9:25.
What’s the daily schedule?
Morning Circle is at 9:25am. This is our outside classroom that begins our learning each day. Please join us! Most classrooms have morning snack around 11:00. Morning recess is at 11:00am for grades K-1, 11:15am for grades 2-3, 11:30am for grades 4-5. Lunch is at 12:30pm for K-2 and 1:00pm for 3-5. The school day ends at 3:30. The after-school program runs 3:30-6:30.
Where do I drop off my child?
From 8-9:10, drop off is at the before-school program in the cafeteria. From 9:10 until the end of morning circle (about 9:30) drop-off is on the yard. (On rainy days, morning circle is in the cafeteria). Please enter the yard through the Diamond Street gate (Collingwood Street is a bus zone only). After morning circle, your child can go directly to their classroom. After 9:30, you must stop by the office for a tardy pass.
When do I pickup my child?
3:30pm if not in the afterschool program. At 6:30pm if enrolled in the afterschool program full time, between 3:30pm and 6:30pm if enrolled in the afterschool program part time.
Where do I pickup my child?
At 3:30pm, you can pick up your child in the school yard. Between 3:30-6pm you may park your car (please park legally, don’t double park) and come into the school cafeteria.
What is the bus schedule?
The Bus picks up at Harvey Milk at 3:30 when school ends.
How do I sign up for the before school and after school program?
See the Before and After School Programs page for information and applications.
How much does the before/after-school program cost?
The fee for the before school program is $500 for the entire school year. Families with two or more students enrolled will receive a $150 discount.

The after school program is $50 for the entire school year for students attending full time (Mon-Fri 3:30-6:30), and $750 for students who will attend less than full time.

Do I need to sign my child in and out every day?
You don’t need to sign your child in or out of the regular school program. You do need to sign your child out of after-school, every day. Children in 4th grade and above may leave on their own at dismissal time, with parent permission, and may also sign their younger siblings out.
How do I pick up my child early?
Go to the main office and sign them out, and your child will be called from their classroom to come to the office to meet you.
What do I do if I’m going to be in the school during the day?
Go to the main office, sign in on the clipboard by the door, and get a visitor pass.
Can my child wear a hoodie or hat?
Hats are not allowed in some classrooms. Ask your child’s teacher. Yes, your child can wear a hoodie as long as the hood is not covering their head in the classroom (ask your child’s teacher).