PFC Budget Requests

Whether you’re a teacher organizing a school-wide event or a parent that need supplies for a classroom project, if you need funds from the PFC budget, we’ll need a budget request.

Use the online Budget Request / Payment Authorization form to receive money from the PFC budget.

How to Make a Budget Request: If you’re not sure about the request, just begin by reaching out to any member of the PFC Board with your thoughts. Once you are sure about the budget request, submit an online budget request form. Don’t hesitate to contact either our Staff Representative at or our Treasurer for help filling out the form.

Simple Budget Requests: If it’s something straight-forward, less than $400, and there’s money in the budget, it simply requires approval, which we can conduct via email.

Larger Budget Requests: If it’s more than $400, or there isn’t money left in that part of the budget, it requires a vote by attendees at the next PFC meeting, according to the bylaws. We can bring it up and take a vote at the meeting for you, but it’s helpful if you’re there to explain anything, in case there are questions about the request.

Receipts: We will always need receipts for tax purposes. A digital receipt is preferred over paper. Just take a picture of the receipt with your phone camera and email it to