PFC Overview

The Harvey Milk PFC is you! We’re all members and there are no membership fees. Just show up to a PFC meeting.

The PFC is our Parent Teacher Organization (similar to a PTA). It has bylaws, an annual budget, a board of directors (parents and teachers), and committees. Our mission is to support the children and staff of Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy. In 2016-17 year, we are budgeted to support:

  • Faculty Enrichment
  • Camp Mosaic (1 Week Camping Trip for 5th)
  • Food and Childcare for Assemblies and Meetings
  • Busses for Field trips & 5th Grade Graduation
  • Funding for Events (Halloween, Carnival, etc.)
  • Produce for school snacks
  • Supplies for the school
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Teacher Appreciation Event
  • School T-shirts
  • Library Expenses
  • Administrative, Bank, and Other Expenses
  • Arts/Enrichments (Two 10 week sessions/class)
  • ½ Time Reading Coach 1.5 hour/day
  • Parent Liaison (School/Community Connection)
  • Teacher gift Card for Classroom Supplies
  • Grade Level Stipends

To make all that happen, and share the work, we need every parent and teacher to get involved! It can be through volunteering, leadership, or financially. Please come to our monthly PFC meetings to hear what’s going on, and get involved. If you think something at Harvey Milk can be better, we need you to help us make it happen!

Harvey Milk Parent Faculty Club is an incorporated tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization with Tax ID 46-5672780.

And to get you excited for this year…