PFC Program Spotlights

The PFC funds many great programs that help our HMCRA students, staff, and even parents thrive! A few are spotlighted here:

Education Outside: An innovative program that brings science and nature directly into the hands of Harvey Milk students. The PFC provides funding for a full-time outdoor instructor who teaches science and environmental literacy in the Harvey Milk school garden. Each classroom participates weekly in Education Outside as part of the regular school day.

Check out our Education Outside flyer to find out more!

Broadway Nights Out (supports parents going out, building community, AND getting the school some extra funding!)

Teacher professional development: Our teachers are one of our most important assets at Harvey Milk.  There are many ways the PFC supports them but one way is by supporting their professional development. This year, the PFC provided funding for five Harvey Milk staff members to participate in the prestigious Reading Institute at Columbia University’s Teachers College.  These Harvey Milk teachers will return to our school community with skills, ideas, and knowledge that will help our students thrive as readers and writers.

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Fresh fruit snacks at morning recess…everyday! (supports healthy eating, learning about food systems, community sharing, & serving each other)