Tuesday, February 20 – Friday, March 2, 2018

Download and read the 2016 Read-A-Thon Kit.

For Students: The Basics

Find Sponsors
Ask family, grandparents, and family friends to sponsor your reading by the minute or just a total dollar amount. Use the sponsor form provided.

Read and Log Your Minutes
From Tuesday, February 20 – Friday, March 2, record every minute you read outside of school on the “Your Minutes” form. Your teacher has more forms. Being read to by other people and homework reading both count. Magazines, comics, and newspapers count. Picture books count for Kindergarteners.

Daily Raffle
When you read, fill out a “I Read Yesterday” raffle ticket and add it to the raffle box before morning circle.  Prizes awarded every morning!

Turn in your Forms
When the Read-A-Thon ends, turn in all your “Sponsors” form and “Your Minutes” forms to your classroom teacher. Remember to put your name on them and have parent signatures or initials where needed.

Collect Donations
After the event, have your parents collect and turn in your sponsorship donations to the School Office before the deadline.