Add Your News

Every Monday, the Harvey Milk Weekly Newsletter provides known school and event information. But you’ll want to make sure your event is going to be mentioned. If you’re a teacher or parent organizing an event, or have news…  submit it to the newsletter following these guidelines. We also accept select marketing materials for outside events that might benefit our children.

Guidelines for Adding Your News

Submit all media, announcements and event information via email to If you don’t get a response, assume they did not receive it. You can follow up with

All material must be submitted by THURSDAY 4PM for that week’s Monday Bulletin; please allow time for possible edits.

Submit material for the current week only; do not submit items for future weeks’ newsletters. Include your contact information, in case there are any questions or concerns.

What to Include

  • Title of the event.
  • A blurb about the event, typically be no more than 3-5 sentences.
  • Please include the Where / Date / Time for the event.
  • Any important information such as “A printout of the flyer is required”.
  • A flyer for the event. If there isn’t a flyer for the event, contact separately to ask about creating one.

Flyers must be submitted in electronic format, PDF preferred. (Word doc, Pages doc, or Rich Text will also work). All documents should already have been approved prior to copying.