Update from the Construction Manager

September 16th

Phase 1 of the school modernization project is complete! Construction of the new Flex Room area, including two new student restrooms, is complete. Furthermore, four storage rooms in the basement have been updated for custodial, Parent Faculty Club, Breakfast Club, and laundry use.

Erection of the new two-story administration addition is well underway; its steel frame has been erected, and the final bolting/welding of the structural steel is currently taking place. Metal decking installation has begun and wall framing and electrical/mechanical/plumbing rough-ins shall follow.

Furthermore, installation of new electrical, mechanical, and HVAC piping in Classrooms 112 and 113 is currently taking place.  The rooms will soon receive backing in walls in preparation for new cabinets and markerboards.

We hope you had an enjoyable summer! While students have been on break there has been a significant amount of construction at Harvey Milk. We are very excited about our new Library/Media Room, administrative offices and many other school-wide improvements.

View a detailed presentation (pdf) by Gould Evans, the project architects.

We recognize that we will all need time to adjust to working and learning at a school in transition. Information, plans, schedule and other information about our Prop A Bond Program improvements are below.

Please feel free to direct questions, comments and concerns to or talk to any one of our parent volunteers on the construction committee:

  • Randi Johnsen (parent of 2nd grader and 4th grader)
  • Sabine van der Sluis (parent of 1st grader and 5th grader)
  • Sven van der Sluis (parent of 1st grader and 5th grader)
  • Todd Bennett (parent of Kinder and 4th grader)

We are looking for volunteers to work with our 2019-2020 room parents (TBA) to help our teachers, students and staff improve our inside and outside spaces in transition. Reach out to us at, or if you can help!

Work completed Summer of 2019

Following is a summary of the work that was completed this summer:


    • Completed demolition required for construction of the new Flex Room area.
    • Completed structural and seismic upgrades at the Flex Room area.
    • Installed upgrades as part of new electrical service.
    • Began installing equipment for new low-voltage electrical systems which will eventually include new fire alarm system, new wired and wireless data system, new telephone system, new phone system, new clock/bell/PA system, new security system, new lighting controls, and new mechanical controls.

1st and 2nd Floors

    • Demolished the existing ceilings in the Corridors to provide access to install new utilities for the Modernization including new domestic water mains, roof drains, electrical, and HVAC piping.
    • Completed modernization of the Student Toilet Rooms on the first floor which includes new domestic water piping, new plumbing fixtures, new LED lighting, new ventilation, and new finishes.

Addition and Yard

    • Delivered and installed one temporary classroom building that will be used as a swing space for the Modernization project.
    • Completed earthwork including over-excavation and recompaction of the loose fill material from the old Douglass School yard to provide stable soil for construction of the Addition.
    • Completed construction of deep foundations and retaining walls for revised access from the yard to the Flex Room and MPR (completion of this work will be ongoing with construction of the Addition).
    • Completed construction of drilled piers and footings for the Addition.
    • Began fabrication of structural steel framing for the addition.
    • Installed new roofing at the Classroom Building along with infrastructure for new HVAC equipment that will be installed as part of this project and infrastructure for future solar panels.

Construction work continuing after 2019 summer break

  • 1st floor bathrooms by the elevator, boys and girls, will not be completed until the 2nd week of school due to a delay of delivery of the partitions.
  • Framing of new two story administration building
  • Classroom refurbishment of two west end classrooms to include new ceilings, lights, paint, flooring, heating and ventilation system
  • Work on seismic structural upgrades throughout the building
  • Upgrades to ventilation and technology systems

Overview of Construction Phasing (pdf)

Plans, Perspectives and Mural Conservation (pdf)