Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Welcome! The mission of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee is to foster an educational environment where diverse viewpoints and backgrounds are welcomed and respected. We want Harvey Milk staff, students, and their families to feel comfortable and empowered to discuss diversity and inclusion. 

We strive to inspire and maintain a growth mindset as we work toward a world free of racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, Islamophobia, and transphobia.

Find more resources at the DEIC Virtual Office
Contact the committee at diversity@harveymilk.com

On The Horizon

DEIC Discussion Group

No Discussion Group till further notice. Happy summer break everyone

Mindfulness Group

Last session 5/22

Inspired by the workshops with Tone Rawlings, HMCRA parent, Joe Cook has volunteered to facilitate a 6 week mindfulness group rooted in our shared love of the children in our lives. Find more info here or by contacting the DEIC

March Against Profiling

On Saturday 5/22, The S.F. chapter of the NAACP continued the fight against profiling at the Church Street.

Members of the HMCRA sent in this report from the rally :

“We were there and as well as some heavy hitters in the community— Rev.  Amos Brown and other reps from the NAACP, school board, district, supes (Mendleman was a no show) and a New Orleans band! Not to mention our fearless leader, principal Stewart, his two sons, the head of naacp youth.
Even the president of Nor cal Safeway showed up and we got an official APOLOGY!!! 
We spoke up and they heard us! Yay!!”

Solidarity March

We gathered at 19th and Collingwood at 1:15pm on May 5th and marched together against racism, discrimination, and harmful biases.

Read this letter to learn the reasons behind this march.

Community Meet Up!


Thanks for coming to the park.
It was nice to see your masked faces!

Link to the event flyer here

HMCRA Celebrates Its Orators and Artists


Thank you to all the families, educators, and students who made this a wonderful, entertaining, community event.

Extra special thanks to S.F. Poet Laureate, Tongo Eisen-Martin. Check out his books, “Someone’s Dead Already,” and “Heaven Is All Goodbyes.”

Decolonize The Heart and Mind Workshop

Thank you to Dr. Tone Rawlings and the PFC for making these workshops available to our community. Thank you to all who participated for your authentic engagement.