Early Release Days

In order to provide our staff with more time to meet for professional development, HMCRA has a weekly early release schedule. Each Monday, school will be dismissed at 2:45pm. Children enrolled with the YMCA will go directly into the After School Program on those days. Children who are picked up or take the bus will need to be picked up at 2:45pm on Mondays.

Additional time is built into the regular day schedule to account for the instructional minute requirement by the state of California.

If you normally pick-up your child at 3:35pm…
If you normally pick up your child after school, please note the early dismissal dates and pick them up at 2:45pm on Mondays.

If your child is enrolled in after school…
If your child is enrolled in the YMCA After School Program, your child will be taken from the classroom directly to aftercare. You will pick your child up as you normally do, before the end of the After School Program.

Research exists that demonstrates the value of teacher/staff collaboration time (http://www.sedl.org/change/issues/issues61.html), indicating the critical role teacher collaboration time plays in improving student academic achievement. By having consistent time available, teachers can be engaged in meaningful professional development that gives them the skills and strategies they can apply to their classrooms, sometimes the very next day. Teachers can examine how the strategies are working and reflect and collaborate with colleagues on a consistent basis to identify what works best.