Kindergarten FAQ

Can I stay in the classroom with my new kindergartener?
Not until after Back-to-School night. After that, all parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms. Please talk to your teacher to schedule times that the teachers need the most help.
Is there naptime in kindergarten?
No. They do not take naps, but they do have down time where the classroom is dark and they put their heads on the desk to rest for a bit in the afternoon.
Both kindergarten classrooms have easy access to restrooms. However, going to a school-style bathroom alone is new to many kindergarteners. Some kids don’t want to use them at first and may “hold it” all day or else have accidents. It may be useful to send a change of clothes in a plastic bag for the first few days, just in case.
What’s the first day like?
It’s a full day. You will need to say goodbye to your kindergartener outside the classroom right after Morning Circle before they march in. (Kindergarten parents are asked not to visit the classroom until after Back-To-School night, in order to help children adjust to their new school life.) Immediately after Morning Circle on the first day of school, all parents are invited to coffee with Principal Machado in the cafeteria, and are welcome to discuss questions and concerns.
What if my child cries or doesn’t want to go in?
The kindergarten teachers are very experienced at handling the kindergarten jitters and they will have fun, low-pressure activities planned for the first day. Their advice is to cheerfully but firmly say goodbye and move on.