Tuesday, February 18 – Thursday, February 27, 2020

Congratulations to all our READERS! This year’s Read-A-Thon saw the school read more than 138,000 minutes together, topping last year’s totals by over 12,000! We’ve raised over $7,500 for our school (with donations still coming in), had a higher per-student average (638 minutes) this year, and we had TWELVE kids read over 3,000 minutes each! Such an amazing 10 days.

The highest classes were:

  • Room 112: 63,765 min (2,898 avg/student)
  • Room 213: 29,933 min (1425 avg/student)
  • Room 201: 12,843 min (676 avg/student)
In-class winners were:
  • 107: Olivia Frade
  • 111: Dahlia Silva
  • 112: Colby Lin-Conrad
  • 113: Nathaniel Hannan
  • 207: Ella Stokle
  • 209: Anaya Spero Maloney
  • 212: Penelope Lin-Conrad
  • 213: Susan Gordon
  • 201: Harper Hamlet
  • 202: Joaquin Martinez
  • 205: Elizabeth Jacob
Thanks to all who contributed to this great week! Donations will still be accepted until March 27 (

From February 18-27, students will record their minutes reading (in class and anywhere else!).  Every day from Feb. 19-28th, students who read the day before can put a raffle ticket in the bucket at morning circle to try to win prizes from local bookstores.

This year we will continue our Civil Rights Leaders theme. Every school day, the entire school will be learning about a different civil rights leader. We’ll kick it off with a short biography of the day’s leader at morning circle, followed by further reading in each classroom. We will be looking for parents to come in and read to their kid’s classes, so look for an email from your room parent to come spend some time during Read-A-Thon.

Download the 2020 Read-A-Thon Kit

How to Participate

Find Sponsors
Ask family, grandparents, and family friends to sponsor your reading by the minute or just a total dollar amount (a fixed dollar amount is easier to collect!). Use the “Sponsors” form provided, then ask sponsors to donate here.

Read and Log Your Minutes
From Tuesday, February 18, through Thursday, February 27, record every minute you read on the “Your Minutes” form.  Classroom and homework reading count.  Being read to counts.  Comic books, magazines, newspapers, and picture books count.

Daily Raffle
When you read, fill out an “I Read Yesterday” raffle ticket and add it to the raffle bucket at morning circle.  Submit one ticket per student per day. From Wednesday, February 19, to Friday, February 28, prizes will be awarded every morning!

Turn In Your Forms
When the Read-a-thon ends, turn in your “Sponsors” and “Your Minutes” forms to your classroom teacher. Remember to put your name and room number on them and have parent signatures or initials where needed. Take a picture for your own records if necessary!

Collect Pledge Payments
After the event, ask your sponsors to submit their pledge payments by Friday, April 5. New for this year: all pledge payments should be submitted by credit or debit card at Because Harvey Milk PFC is a 501(c)(3) charity (Tax ID 46-5672780), all pledge payments are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and donation receipts will be issued for credit or debit card payments.